KRRC is a 501c3 corporation

Updated 04-29-2020: At least 40 newcomer families have lost their primary jobs due to COVID-19 beginning middle of March. Some are experiencing unemployment delays, others do not have paid sick leave. We have processed four cases to date with more anticipated in the coming days. 

If you want to donate or receive non-cash donations, post or search jobs, take a look inside our database. Donations will serve refugees in the greater Kalamazoo. 

The PDF is a typical list of items that are collected for a new family of four. 

We encourage cash donations be directed to local partners and resettlement agencies providing services for refugees.  You will receive a receipt that acknowledges you have made a tax deductible donation. The Kalamazoo Literacy Council is accepting donations to purchase ESL books for newly arriving refugees.  Be sure to indicate on the comment, note, or service section that your donation is for Kalamazoo refugee resettlement, ESL books for refugees, Orchestra Rouh, etc.

Important regarding the Bethany link below: To ensure your gift goes to refugees of Southwest Michigan, select the "Donate" button, and then choose "Most needed" from the drop down menu labeled "Apply my gift."

Contact us:  Note please allow 3-5 business days to return emails. 


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Donation Database

Non-cash donation database. For requests and item donations.

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