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Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the most current volunteer requests. Below are examples of the top needs:

1. Sponsor a family, adult teen, or foster a refugee child: This is THE LARGEST need we have right now. Sponsor teams of 4-10 (e.g. from a church or organization) tend to be ideal for families to help with a variety of tasks including training on budget grocery shopping, helping with medical appointments, communicating with the landlord, and reviewing report cards from school.  Contact Bethany Christian Services or Samaritas for more information on this specific volunteer option. KRRC can also provide a basic orientation and references to other  sponsors to help you understand current community resources available the nature of the commitment.

2. The next largest need is translation. Our new neighbors speak Arabic, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Dari and more. 

3. Provide transition housing. Sometimes refugee families need temporary housing before an apartment is secured for them. Contact Bethany Christian Services or Samaritas if you have temporary housing to offer.

4. We keep a directory of professionals willing to provide pro bono or complimentary services in healthcare, education, accounting, grant writing, translation, or law. We also need licensed professionals in the construction trades to help guide newcomers in home renovation. 

5. We coordinate "hubs" of specialty volunteers for sponsors to call on for help in areas such as drivers, tutors, driver's education, and minor home maintenance. 

6. We also looking for members to serve on our board, lead committees, lead projects, and help with the administration of the organization. 

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