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Our Mission:


Kalamazoo Refugee Resource Collaborative creates partnerships to transform the experience of refugees, migrants, and immigrants from a life of uncertainty to a life of freedom, equity, and security. 

Our Vision:


Kalamazoo is a community rich in resources where all people are empowered to be self-determining and to thrive in American Society.

KRRC achieves this by:

  • Unifying and streamlining the capacity, voice, and effectiveness of member organizations and community members around a mutually agreed upon agenda of protection, care, and welcome.


  • Advocating in the Kalamazoo area for the access to resources, protection, and rights for refugees and other immigrant populations who are forcibly displaced and at risk.


  • Building excellence and durability in Kalamazoo refugee resettlement and integration processes, solutions, and services through alliances with member agencies.




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