If you want to donate or receive donations (non-cash only), post or search jobs, take a look inside our database. Donations will serve refugees in the greater Kalamazoo. KRRC is a 501c3 corporation.

The PDF is a typical list of items that are collected for a new family of four. 

We encourage cash donations be directed to local partners and resettlement agencies providing services for refugees.  You will receive a receipt that acknowledges you have made a tax deductible donation. The Kalamazoo Literacy Council is accepting donations to purchase ESL books for newly arriving refugees. ESL books cost $28. Be sure to indicate on the comment, note, or service section that your donation is for Kalamazoo refugee resettlement, ESL books for refugees, Orchestra Rouh, etc.

Contact us:  Note please allow 3-5 business days to return emails. 


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